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Diversity breeds creativity

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About us

BABs Labs is a web3 marketing agency offering customised solutions for companies to develop their brand identity, tell their story, support in tech development, and connect a supportive community around it.

We don’t believe in competition in web3, to us it’s all about authenticity. Our approach towards your team, brand and product development is about highlighting all the diverse and authentic elements of your brand and then communicating that to your audience. We believe that this is the one single way to achieve promising results and organic growth in the space.

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23 June 2022


WebSH3 was born with a mission to bring together women-led projects in Web3 for fireside chats, workshops, networking, and pitching that could impact PR-worthy partnerships and funding.

In 2022 June, WebSH3 is a side event in NFT.NYC facilitating a web3-oriented sisterhood, where all chicks are welcome to connect, collectively share knowledge, present their projects and get them funded on-site! The event will consist of various activities including panels & workshops, pitching competitions, and dedicated moments for mindfulness and spirituality. And of course, an afterparty at the end with DJs and a great networking environment is always a part of the agenda.

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How we help

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Creative Concept

We'll come up with captivating visual and/or sound concepts for your NFTs. To us, it's all about conveying the emotion that excites and connects to your community.

Artwork and Digital
Assets Creation

Our experienced and digitally advanced design team of 30 will execute the artsy part of your whole collection making sure your vision matches the final result.


Marketplace, smart contract development and audit, minting and other technical support - our dev team will take care of your collection from A to Z.

Storytelling & PR

Story telling is key and authenticity is what makes it effective. We will build an authentic story line for your project and feature it in Top tier medias.

SM & Community Management

We'll help to set up your socials, create engaging content, and execute creative campaigns, designed to grow your community organically.


Want to throw a fancy yacht party for your collection launch? Want Jay-Z to perform there? We're the ones to go to.

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NFT Collection

Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes is a collection is powered by NFT art created by female artists from all around the globe. The collection tells and celebrates stories of women throughout history who made massive contributions in their field, but were not fully recognised for their accomplishments.

Unsung Heroes collection provides an opportunity to own unique NFT pieces, immerse into art-led experiences, and be a part of the movement that promotes inclusivity in Web3. From unknown artists, scientists, inventors, activists and more, get inspired by the brilliance of these Unsung Heroes throughout history and support their legacy.

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